Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Strange Day


Blogger Ben said...

You can't do that... it is against laws of blogging to leave us hanging like this.

1/10/2006 11:40 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

sorry ben, not dodging

1/10/2006 11:40 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Ummm.. care to elaborate?

1/10/2006 12:06 PM  
Blogger Logan Bennett said...

I hope that it has nothing to do with me katie, I love you

1/10/2006 12:19 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

From yesterday's post:

"But I PROMISE a good one tomorrow (and I ALWAYS keep my promises)."


1/10/2006 12:23 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

You know what, you're right Ben, and my word is pretty important to me. I'll be posting later (I promise).

1/10/2006 12:26 PM  
Blogger Eric said...


Baited breath here.

1/10/2006 12:37 PM  
Blogger jes said...

haha, because i can't read.

see, that sentence was the last part of what i was thinking in my head just now, because you know that i like to talk to myself and have faux conversations with myself, which always kind of makes me feel like a fraud, and so i just wrote whatever i was thinking, because i thought it would make sense when i punctuated it with a period, but alas, it did not.

i just read the "Strange Day" title, and then clicked on comments and somehow stephanie's comment was the first to catch my eye, i think because of her red shirt and general brightness of her photograph, and i thought it said, "...care to celebrate?" but then i realized it's because i can't read.

and i thought it was funny, because who celebrates a strange day? unless, of course, it's a day where you wake up late but it doesn't matter, and you walk into the kitchen only to see mounds of delicious chocolates on the table, and an assortment of $20, $50 and $100 bills are making a trail to another part of the room, and at the end of the trail you find a winning lottery ticket for the $419,000,000 jackpot.

then, that would be a strange day, but DEFINITELY worth celebrating.

1/10/2006 1:06 PM  
Blogger Amstaff Mom said...

Ben - I agree with you.

Steph - "

Jes - you amaze me.

K-T - what's up?

Logan - don't we all?

Eric - you have bait breath? need a mint?

1/10/2006 1:20 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Amstaff: Does " mean that you're in agreement with me? lol

1/10/2006 1:26 PM  
Blogger Amstaff Mom said...

Steph - yes!
:) - "

1/10/2006 3:11 PM  

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