Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100 calories packs

On my last trip to Target (they happen often so I probably should mention this was trip three in as many days) I was struck with a thought: Our world is slowly being taken over by 100 calories. Almost every snack or food item is now neatly packaged in a 100 calorie pack. On your next shopping trip look at the astounding number of items that blazenly state they're 100 calories.

Who am I kidding? My pantry is made up of these centennial packs. I sustain myself by the 100 calorie item. See, I've recently taken to recording my food consumption and those little packs are nifty and easy to use. 100 calories here or there make for a quick indulgence in chocolate or marshmallows or salty chips and it's easy to plug them into my iphone log. Wow, I guess I just realized I'm a techie calorie counter.

So now I'm wondering if the 100 pack will extend past the shopping aisles into other things? What if restaurants start offering 100 calorie portions? Or recipes tell you have many 100 calorie servings there are? How great would it be if every bit of food I ate came in 100 calorie portions, bites, or packages.

Hmm, maybe this is evidence of my organized/number crunching/pieces fitting together obsession or maybe the world is becoming one big 100 calorie pack.


Anonymous chirky said...

Ha. I looked in your pantry on Friday and saw all the 100-calorie packs. And then I wondered how often you eat only one at a time.

Because when I have 100-calorie packs, I congratulate myself for being so calorie-conscious, and then I eat two or three at a time because: dude. Only 100 calories.

2/23/2009 6:35 PM  

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