Friday, August 15, 2008


Since the 12 hour time difference between China and Texas has led to many a late nights watching the Olympics I've had some time to ponder what event I would be able to compete in if I had a chance at a slot on the Olympic team.

Running is most definitely out. I'm more of a turtle than a hare.
Swimming is probably a no-go since I never learned how to breath and swim at the same time.
Gymnastics has no chance since balance is my mortal weakness.

Hmmm what does this leave? Weightlifting - nope, fencing - good idea but not sure I have the skills, maybe I need to look at the more non-famous sports.

I found it! Yep, I know what I will try out for next Olympic go-round. I would be perfect as the person that yells out "STROKE" in the crew competitions. I'm loud, I can keep tempo, and it requires really only those two things.

So in four or maybe 8 years, I might have a medal in hand for being the best yeller to keep time there is in the world.