Friday, April 03, 2009

Admitting my obsession

Ok, I'm admitting it, I'm minorly obsessed with Lost.

Now there are some limits to this obsession, case in point: I don't cruise the MANY fan sites, I don't have a screen name like Oceanicgal or Lostie7, I don't hit the moment after the show airs to buy any work of literature (or comic book) mentioned. But I do read two websites about the show, one is and the other is a blog by people who seem to be just like me, entranced by the story but not overly geekified. I also have a good group of friends who will banter with me about theories, plot lines, and our predictions of how it will all end.

Now, there is ONE thing that might push me over the edge into a form of geekiness that is, well, let's just call it the upper level of nerddom. I have this idea of something to do between the end of this season and the beginning of the next, the FINAL season where all loose ends will be tied up and all our questions will hopefully be answered.

Since I love puzzles and figuring out problems my plan is this: I will watch the prior seasons of LOST and see anew each ep (I use this term for episode because I was told it makes me sound cool and trust me I need all the cool points I can get) with the knowledge I now have. I will also, wait for it here comes the geeky part, takes notes on questions, facts, new plot developments, character connections, and all those little tidbits that I missed along the way OR are huge now in light of future events.

Ok, take a moment and laugh at me, you know you want to.

When I mentioned this to my co-workers, some of which are fellow Lost-watchers and others who are missing out on the amazingness that is this show, they laughed. It's ok, I have a pretty good sense of self worth when it comes to my nerdy tendencies. Then they asked if I was going to turn all John Nash from A Beautiful Mind and have my apartment walls covered in theories and time lines and flow charts. Well not my apartment walls . . . . that's what notebooks are for. I did give them permission to stage an intervention if I started talking about my "friend" Dave who helps me with my theories. (BTW - that was a fun little Lost reference for those of you who might share my obsession and if you don't it's just more fuel for the fire that I'm a nerd).

So that's the plan, we'll see if it happens. Either way I love the show, I love the stories, and I'm obsessed with figuring out the mysteries that surround the story. I think when it comes down to it, I just like problems or riddles that require you to notice small things, connect random dots, and buy into the story to understand the solution.


Blogger Greg said...

"Upper level of Nerddom."


You have definitely reached new heights.

I like LOST as well... but I am definitely on the lower level of Nerddom.

Geek. ;)

4/03/2009 2:31 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

I started watching Lost when I was living in Korea last year. I got to see the first 3 seasons, and then came home and haven't watched it since...particularly since I would have needed to watch those seasons in between what the current season is. I would like to know what happened after season 3 though, so I might just have to get the DVDs or something...

4/04/2009 8:50 AM  
Blogger Deals On Wheels said...

Trevor and I have this entire season WAITING on my DVR. Trevor likes to have Lost marathons. So, until we catch up, we are both very behind.


Glad to know it is still worth watching, though!

4/05/2009 10:42 PM  

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