Thursday, November 29, 2007


Why does it seem like life is always in a state of transition? From whatever random point in time you happen to inhabit at the moment it always feels like wherever you came from was firm and wherever you're going will be firm but here, right now, big ol transition.

And then future becomes present and present become past and you feel like you are back in transition. But wait, I thought that past was firm and future was firm but I'm still in transition. AAAUGH!

So I guess from my perspective life just always seems to be in transition. I look with fond memories to the past and forget the craziness of the transition because it's in the past, it's done it, it's completed and that somehow makes it feel firm. And then I glance with hope at the future thinking that there must be some firm ground to set my feet upon out there. And yet when I arrive to that "firm" ground I realize that it's really the ebbs and flows of transition.

Perspective is a funny thing, from far off things look mighty different than they do up close. And that's the amazing thing about it, in the moment, close up things look so different. Transition looks scary and overwhelming and sometimes even unsurmountable. But in hindsight things aren't as bad as you thought, survival is inevitable. And when glancing out to the horizon of the future there is hope that things will be better.

And then I remember that while I'm tossed upon the waves of time, riding the transition and holding on for life, that there is something beyond this past and future. There is a timeless place that my heart can find rest. Transition is life but it isn't eternity. How great a thought is that.


Blogger Tony Myles said...

It keeps me going... that's the perspective that brings sanity to chaos.

12/03/2007 10:20 AM  

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