Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tony over at Don't Call Me Veronica tagged me for 8 random facts so here goes:

1. I like new toothbrushes, but I'm very particular about my toothbrushes. They must be soft with a compact head and have a distinctive bristle pattern. This usually results in me buying three or four toothbrushes at once because finding one with my qualifications is hard work.

2. I HATE snakes and refuse to go past the entrance of the "snake-atorium" (or Reptile House if you must be accurate). On a hot summer day in Texas the air-conditioner gets me through the door but my fear prevents me from going any further.

3. I eat fast. Very fast. I think it is a product of working at summer camp where you had 20 minutes if you were lucky to wolf down your food while jumping up and singing, making announcements, refilling trays and pitchers, etc.

4. I am ADDICTED to the show "So You Think You Can Dance".

5. I own too many pairs of flip flops, about a dozen in fact. Oh, and I still want more. If I could live in flip flops life would be about perfect.

6. I've always wanted to dye my hair red but been way too much of a chicken to do so. Maybe one day . . .

7. I have very vivid, story-like dreams. I'm not quite sure if it is normal, but it sure makes waking up in the morning an adventure.

8. I talk to myself . . . outloud sometimes.


Blogger Eric Stacey said...

You would look like MJ from Spider Man with red

7/30/2007 10:14 AM  
Blogger Tony Myles said...

I'm a quick eater, too... developed from all those road trips with teens where I had to eat McNuggets on the fly,

8/01/2007 3:30 AM  
Blogger Aim Claim said...

Don't EVER dye your hair (at least until it goes grey)! You are one of the lucky few with beautiful NATURAL blonde hair... don't hide the beauty that so many try to duplicate (and pay alot to do so).

ps. I eat too fast too :(

8/19/2007 7:43 PM  

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