Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Six years. It's been six long years since that horrible morning. A morning that made us each stop and watch as the world that we knew changed suddenly.

In some ways it feels like it was just a few months ago, the memories of where we were, what we experienced are so vivd. Then, in other ways it feels like it's was a lifetime ago and life has moved forward. I can only imagine for the many families who lost loved ones the days have been counted individually and the time has streched thinner.

As I looked at the calendar this week my thoughts were drawn to this date, this infamous date. And yet, as I woke this morning it was just another day and my mind was focused on what I needed to accomplish. It wasn't until I watched the news that I was quickly reminded of the anniversary of 9/11.

I honestly have mixed feelings about this date. Part of me wants to never forget this event, the people who lost their lives, the reality of our world. The other part of me struggles to pull myself from my day to day throughts and distractions. Callous is the word a co-worker used to describe how so many of our country respond to this memory. I chose ignorant. Ignorant to a lifetime of 9/11s, innocent of the daily fear of a terrorist attack, and yet that ignorance and innocence also shields us from the honest truth that our world is different. Or is it? Is my individual world different today than it was 6 years and one day ago? Should it be? Should I be?


Anonymous chirky said...

My day was a lot like yours, Katie, with a lot of those same questions.

9/12/2007 12:45 PM  

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