Monday, April 10, 2006

Now that would be a gift basket I would want

Sometimes I wonder who thinks up the things included in gift baskets. You’ve seen them at the hospital, at the florist, at the grocery store (high class ones there). Whose job is it to determine what is given to a person in a given circumstance. For instance: New Baby = Stuffed Animal, Giant Bottle, and some sort of rattley thing; Sick = Stuffed Animal, Giant can of soup, and a Kleenex product; Birthday = Stuffed Animal, balloon, Giant blow up cake, and some little birthday knick knack.

What if those people who made up the gift baskets really thought about the person they were making them for? And then someone could actually give mothers day gift baskets that had things mothers liked. For instance: slippers, ever mom needs a good pair of slippers; chocolate, moms love chocolate; ear plugs, for the moms of children; antacid, for the moms who chook mac and cheese every night; and then the best gift of all paintball guns, for the mom who really knows how to peg the kid with his hand in the cookie jar.


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