Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Am...

I AM: too many things to list here

I SAID: a lot, I have a tendency to be proficient at the talking

I WANT: to know what is planned for me in the near future

I WISH: I saw myself like God does

I MISS: the wonderment of being a child

I HEAR: the air conditioner running and a train horn in the distance . . . . and then my phone

I WONDER: who I would have become had I made different choices in the past

I REGRET: hurting those I’ve cared about

I AM NOT: as strong as others think I am, and yet not as weak as I think I am

I DANCE: any chance I can get, and sometimes by myself in my house because I can

I SING: by myself

I CRY: because my body needs to release things somehow

I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice and sweet and kind like people perceive me to be

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: the best cookies you’ve ever tasted

I WRITE: what I think, sometimes without a filter and often for no other eyes to see

I CONFUSE: supposively with supposedly

I NEED: a good kick in the pants most days

I SHOULD: be doing something else right now, like work

I START: talking without thinking more often than I should

I FINISH: hopefully better than I start

I LOVE: more deeply than I’m sure even I realize

Feel free to edit any of these with an anwer you more think suits me, or maybe is just funny to you because I'm always open to people bringing the funny.


Blogger Eddo said...

I am... very sleepy this morning because I went to bed late and got up early. Now I am about to go and read your other post.

8/15/2006 9:46 AM  
Blogger steve said...

I AM: is the name of my old band


I WANT: a book deal

I WISH: Katie would see what everyone else does


I HEAR: a cat will soar 124 feet if kicked in just the right place

I WONDER: why there is so much hate towards God

I REGRET: I didnt get sober sooner

I AM NOT: afraid to admit that I love chick flicks

I DANCE: like Travis in my dreams

I SING: to breathe

I CRY: because God amazes me

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as self assured as i appear to be

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: beautiful music

I WRITE: from my heart for myself

I CONFUSE: myself daily

I NEED: a good cup of coffee

I SHOULD: be getting that in about 4 minutes

I START: to worry that maybe all this good stuff in my life is just going to blow up in my face

I FINISH: actually... I swedish

I LOVE: to love

8/15/2006 10:27 AM  
Blogger Deals On Wheels said...

I am...the keeper of a stick horse in Nebraska, USA.

I want...to meet Deals. She is my idol, and I am her bodyguard/stalker.

I regret...not going out to dinner with Deals, the Twinkies and AM last Saturday.

8/15/2006 2:16 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

deals you cracked me up, and yes i request a reconvening of the dealio, twinkies, and AM (cause FM is on the way out) asap

8/15/2006 2:42 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

I wouldn't change a thing. Your declarations were melodious and insightful. They tell me about you and open a door to friendship. Following your lead, check out my blog to see what I posted in response to the same declarations. And thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday!

8/15/2006 9:04 PM  
Blogger Amstaff Mom said...

He He. Funny comments. Clever post.

And I'll re-convene with you chicas anytime.

8/15/2006 10:31 PM  
Blogger Bobby said...

You have a knack for saying a lot in just a few words.

8/16/2006 7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only one I want to comment on is:

I WONDER: who you will become when you make a decision about your future

8/16/2006 10:06 PM  
Blogger Aim Claim said...

I GIVE: the precious gift of friendship to me!

Thank you!

8/17/2006 8:40 AM  

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